Novel Ideas is a India based company providing high-quality outsourcing solutions in web designing, advertising, software development, multimedia and more.


Outsourcing services in web designing, software development, multimedia, advertising and more Indian outsourcing company providing web designing, software development, multimedia and advertising services High quality outsourcing solutions in web designing, software development, multimedia, advertising and more Chennai India based outsourcing company with marketing office in Dubai and the US
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  • Your own domain
  • Full-featured web-based email application
  • Use your favorite email application
  • SpamShield Pro
  • 5 mailboxes with 25 MB of storage each Additional mailboxes can be purchased for Rs.2000/- per year for every 5 mailboxes.
  • Full-Featured"
    Integsrv provides a full set of advanced features that take the hassle out of email. All of our email services are branded to your domain so you can be and include access to our powerful Web Mail client. Here is a partial list of the features available via your Integsrv service.

    IMAP, POP, and SMTP
    Use your favorite email program with our POP and IMAP services. POP is great for users on a single computer; all your messages are downloaded to your email program's inbox. IMAP gives incredible flexibility for those who use more than one computer and want to have the latest copy of their email wherever they are. With IMAP, all email is backed up on our servers. Our SMTP services give you access to send email from email software without having to worry about using the network approved SMTP server.

    Integsrv email services grow with you. You can start with as few as 5 mailboxes and have room to grow. All of our mailboxes come with web access that allows each mailbox owner the ability to create their own folders and set their own preferences for vacation and out of office responses. Many of our service packages include the ability to use your own desktop email application like Outlook and Eudora. We also allow the administrator to set up alias email address at no extra charge, so it is easy to send to a group.

    Optional User Demographics
    A subscription to provides detailed user reports including activity, demographics (age, gender, income, etc.), and opt-in mailing list status.

    Shared Address Book
    Integsrv allows you to create a shared address book so you can easily share contact information among users of your email service. The shared address book can be accessed by any program that supports LDAP directory services including most email appliactions. This is a great feature for business or groups to ensure everyone has updated contact information.

    Spam Protection
    Hate Spam? So do we. Approximately $9 billion in productivity will be lost to spam this year in the US alone according to Ferris Research. To help you filter out any spam that comes to your inbox, we offer two levels of protection. SpamShield Lite and SpamShield Pro. SpamShield Lite automatically blocks email from senders who send bulk mail that is harmful to our system. SpamShield Pro includes all the benefits of SpamShield Lite in addition to personalized options that keep even more spam out of your inbox. SpamShield Pro works with our POP and IMAP services allowing you to see your spam folder without having to log in to your Web Mail. 

    Usage Statistics
    Our comprehensive usage statistics provide valuable information regarding how many employees used the service, and more.