Novel Ideas is a India based company providing high-quality outsourcing solutions in web designing, advertising, software development, multimedia and more.


Outsourcing services in web designing, software development, multimedia, advertising and more Indian outsourcing company providing web designing, software development, multimedia and advertising services High quality outsourcing solutions in web designing, software development, multimedia, advertising and more Chennai India based outsourcing company with marketing office in Dubai and the US
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In many ways, a website is much like any product or service. If not marketed properly, no one gets to know about your website, and thereby your company.

Though web marketing companies exist a dime a dozen it's a debatable issue on how much of them actually helps in getting your site the exposure you want. At Novel Ideas we focus on the following mediums to market your website:

Banner ads: From static to highly dynamic and interactive
flash animated banners, we can come up with the right banner ads that can be strategically placed on your website or any other high-traffic portals. Apart from suggesting the right sites to place your banners, we can also negotiate on the rates with the chosen sites.

E-mailer campaigns: Though we are averse to the whole idea of sending out mass mailers, it should be admitted that emails with the right content mailed to the right person elicits more response than any other medium. We can develop text-only emails or html mailers and also assist you in mailing them to the right audience. 

Apart from these, we also can effectively
optimize your site to list on top of search engines and also recommend other marketing ideas like banner exchange and advertising in leading search engines and industry-specific portals.